• Selecting Your Knives

    We have the following 3[Standard][Aogami#2][Aogami Super]series of regular kitchen knives. Please select the series that best fits your needs.

  • Maintenance

    If you're unfamiliar with iron/steel knives, their maintenance might be new to you. But the maintenance actually fairly simple and straightforward. Here are our maintenance tips.

  • Knife Cleaner

    Our Knife Cleaner is very unique in design-one surface can effortlessly get rid of rust while the other can be used to sharpen knives. It is easy for everyone to use!!

Product List/Information


Give your life an edge with Our Long-Lasting Super Sharp Knives!

MORITAKA HAMONO has been producing swords for over 700 years.
To preserve this ancient tradition, our master swordsmiths, titled Kongohyoe Minamoto no Moritaka (金剛兵衛源盛高), continue to handcraft knives and swords that samurai would be proud of.The outstanding quality of our blades is established by using a combination of a steel core and iron cladding. The steel core gives our knives razor sharp edges, while the iron cladding ensures durability that surpasses any mass production knives. We use only the best "Aogami Super Steel" (AS) and forge it with high quality iron.
Our extensive knowledge and experience regarding the properties of these high quality materials allows us to exploit the full potential of these steels, resulting in the production of a superior knife.