Though steel knives require a little more maintenance than stainless-steel knives, we are confident that the cutting performance of steel knives is superior and well deserve the extra care.

We do make made-to-order forged steel-stainless steel knives. However, the tip of the blade can get rusty and dull earlier than iron-steel knives because of the chemical reaction between stainless steel and wedged steel.
Though high carbon stainless-steel knives have been developed recently, the blades can slip when cutting foodstuffs and have a bad sense of thrust.

In contrast, our "triple structured" (iron-steel-iron) steel knives cut into food very well. Also, they are very easy to sharpen. Especially, our Aogami super steel knives cut very well, and the sharpness lasts long with once-a-year resharpening.
Steel knives rust easily when new, but with a little maintenance, they are much less likely to go rusty if used every day over a long period of time. We recommend simple, easy maintenance. Please click here to learn more.

In conclusion, a double-edged knife is superior to a single-edged knife for cutting most kinds of food.

It is a more versatile design for a knife that can be used for many purposes. Because of this versatiliy, especially for home use, we recommend a Santoku.

MORITAKA HAMONO knives are double-edged (50/50 bevel) and have been skillfully developed for general users with the focus on both sharpness and durability.

We use the best steel (Aogami Super Steel) to make knives with slightly convex (Hamaguri) blades that are both sharp and prevent food sticking to the blade.

Shapes Uses
Kawamuki This versatile knife can be used for paring fruit, vegetables, or chopping seasonings.
Small Santoku This small sized multi-purpose knife is designed for cutting meat, fish, or vegetables.
It's very useful for filleting soft-boned fish like horse mackerel.
Santoku This is a multi-purpose knife, designed for cutting meat, fish, or vegetables.
Nakiri This knife is designed for cutting vegetables, paring Japanese radish, etc.
Yanagiba This long, narrow classic knife is for slicing sashimi.
Kodeba This knife is best for filleting small fish.
Deba This knife is ideal for filleting whole fish and cutting chicken bones.
Petit This knife is a paring / small kitchen knife perfect for cutting vegetables.
Gyuto This knife is a multi-purpose Western style knife, designed for slicing meat, fish etc.
Kiritsuke The use of this knife is similar to the Gyuto. It has a triangular edge.
Honesuki This knife is a poultry boning knife.
Chinese Cleaver This knife is for cutting handmade soba noodles. The blade has a dead straight edge.

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