About prices

All prices are shown in Japanese yen. Shipping charges and any commissions are not included.

Total amount

We will notify you of the total amount and the shipping date. The shipping charges include actual shipping and handling costs.

About a delivery

All orders will be shipped by EMS (Express Mailing Service) from Japan.
We'll provide your EMS item number for tracking after shipping.
We will notify you of any delays immediately.


After you confirm our reply, please send payment by PAYPAL, or bank transfer and International Postal Money Order (IPMO).

The transfer fee

The transfer fee (remittance fee) will be charged to the customer. Moreover, depending on the country, duties may be charged to the customer. These costs are not included in the paid total amount. (If the products are dutiable, you will receive them after you pay the duties.)

Customs duties

The transfer fee (remittance fee of your bank) will be charged to the customer.
Moreover , depending on the country, customs duties may be charged to the customer.
This cost is not included in the paid total amount. If the products are dutiable, you will receive them after you pay the duties.



We accept payment through PAYPAL.
PAYPAL is an Easy, Safe and Secure way to send money abroad. For more information-click here

Bank Transfer

You can remit the payment to Higo Bank.
We will notify you of our bank account number after you notify us you wish to pay by bank transfer.
The bank's overseas commission is included in the total amount. The remitting bank's transfer fee will be charged directly to the customer.

Higo Bank (BIC (SWIFT code) : HIGOJPJT)
*Please note
Japanese banks don't have IBAN codes ( numbers ). IBAN code is used within the Euromarket.

Account Number : 1783941 (deposit account)
Account Holder : Moritakakajihamono(ka
*Please note
Account Holder is Moritakakajihamono(ka, not Moritaka Hamono Inc.

About Banking Fees

3,000yen will be added as bank commission.
Bank commission depends on which city bank your bank uses for money transfers.
It's difficult to know how much it is beforehand. Therefore, we'll charge you 3,000yen for the first transaction.
When we know the actual bank commission, we'll charge you the actual commission from the next transaction.
Please note that the actual commission may be more than 3,000yen.

International Postal Money Order (IPMO)

You can get an "International Postal Money Order" at most US post offices.
It will say "International Postal Money Order" on it and is pink . Don't get the green type regular money order because those cannot be cashed in Japan. Make sure and keep your receipt. It is important that you keep the receipt.

Canadian International postal money order advice system - YEN transfer only. This is NOT the international postal money order that you send to the US.

Please fill in the information below in your IPMO and we recommend sending it by registered mail for safety.

Moritaka Hamono Inc.
Address/434 Miyaji-machi, Yatsushiro, Kumamoto, 866-0805 JAPAN

We will deliver your order after we have received your payment.

If you have any questions, please use the Note space on our order form.

In the case of made-to-order requests, please send your specifications, e.g. shape, materials etc. in detail using the Note space on our order form. Our estimates are free of charge.

All personal information will remain confidential.

You must be at least 18 years old to purchase knives from us.

All knives with personalized engraving or which have been used are nonreturnable. However we will accept the return of any of our other products if they are returned 30 days of receipt by the customer.

If a product has a defect, please feel free to return it to us, and we'll be happy to reimburse you.


Can I place an order by telephone or fax?

We accept online orders only.

How much are shipping charges?

Shipping is calculated by country or region.
If you wish to have our products shipped to more than one location, please make a separate order for each location.
Shipping fees will be charged for each location.
shipping fee list

How long will it take to arrive after shipping?

It depends on destinations and busyness of customs.
The avarage delivery time is about a week.

Could you tell me about the customs procedures?

Depending on the country, customs duties may be charged to the customer.
This cost is not included in the paid total amount.
If the products are dutiable, you will receive them after you pay the duties.

What's your return policy?

Our return policy is 30 days from date of receipt of the item.
We do not accept any returns or exchanges after 30 days since the day of the item was delivered.
To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused, not engraved and in the same condition that you received it.
It must also be in the original packaging.
Please remind that shipping charges including import taxes must be paid by you.
We will give a refund except shipping fee and import taxes as soon as we receive the item that is unused and in original condition.

If the delivered items were damaged or defective, please let us know within 30 days of receiving including the details and picture to proof the defective item. ( info@moritakahamono.com )
If the return or exchange is accepted, we will send the address to send back via email.

The parcel has not arrived yet.

Please trace your item on the Japan Post web site.
If it has already arrived in your country, we won't be able to make any requests to the local postal service.
The customer will have to contact the local postal service.
If the parcel location is not clear, we'll request Japan Post to confirm its location.
We'll notify you when we hear anything about your parcel.

The parcel has lost or been damaged.( About compensation )

In case of damage or loss, the actual damage cost will be compensated.

*Express Mail Service(EMS)Insurance Program
If EMS mail is damaged or partly missing during delivery, a maximum of 2 million yen is paid for the actual loss.
If the item is worth more than 20,000 yen, we'll charge you a premium.
Premium here.

Do you offer discounts?

We do not offer discounts on any products.
However, for individual orders of 50,000yen or more, we will not charge for shipping.

I haven't received any replies from you.

Please e-mail us again.
Please note the following:
When you send us an e-mail , please put @@@ at the head of the subject to prevent your message from being deleted without being read. We receive many annoying e-mails.


Is your engraving service available for any blades? Which words are available?

Yes, our engraving service is free of charge.
It depends on the number of letters etc (in possibility),but both Japanese, English ( capital letters ) and numbers could be possible.
Please let us know. We'll notify you if it's possible or not.

Is gift-wrapping service available?

Yes. We wrap all our knives with cherry-blossom patterned paper.
If you prefer other paper, please feel free to ask us.

Do you sell single-beveled knives or polished knives?

We're sorry, but we no longer make single-edged knives. Polished ( Migaki ) finishing is available, but please note the following:
With Migaki blades, the oxide film is polished to a beautiful finish.
It looks beautiful but can be more difficult to maintain than Kurouchi because the polished surface becomes rusty much easier.
Also, please note that is an additional charge for polishing.

Can I order swords?

we do not produce swords.

Which handle option would be available for left-handed customers?

Octagonal handles are optional for all rosewood handles.
There is an additional cost of 2,000 yen for octagonal handles except for long Yanagiba, Deba, Gyuto, Kiritsuke and Chinese Cleaver, for which the additional cost is 2,500 yen-3,000yen.
The reason for the additional cost is that octagonal handles are hand-made.
The purchase price is double.

Are there any handle options?

we only offer cherry wood and rosewood.