Kitchen Knives (Aogami #2 Series) Deba 180mm /Moritaka Hamono /double bevel [ED-180]

Kitchen Knives (Aogami #2 Series) Deba 180mm /Moritaka Hamono /double bevel [ED-180]

Price: 13,184yen - 13,684yen

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Aogami 2 Series deba double bevel 180mm
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This knife is ideal for filleting hard-boned fish, such as sea bream, and chopping chicken bones.
Since our Deba is made thinner than other single-edge Deba, cutting from tip to heel is smoother than with other Deba.

This Deba knife has a double-bevel blade.
There is no distinction between right-handed and left-handed blade.

* We strongly recommend that you do not cut frozen food with this knife.
* If any of our thin blade kitchen knives are used to cut hard foods such as pumpkin or even semi-hard cheeses, be careful to avoid jerking the blade transversely (avoid left-right movement of the blade). Such movement can nick the blade or chip the tip of the knife. Also, if you put undue pressure on the thin-bladed knife, the edge may become nicked. These knives are not designed to stand too much pressure.

Series Aogami #2 Series Kitchen Knives (Regular Items)
Material 【Blade】 Aogami #2 Steel / Double-edge / Kurouchi
【Handle】 Oval cherrywood / New Long-Lasting Handle
Specifications Full length 335mm
Blade length 180mm
Blade width 58mm
Thickness 5.5mm
Weight 250g
Service One-time free re-sharpening ticket
*Each knife has slightly different appearance and size because the blade is hand-crafted and the handle is natural wood.
*If this item is out of stock, we'll let you know the date of delivery in the further notice.

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